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 Spirit Guides - The one & The Many

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Spirit Guides - The one & The Many Empty
PostSubject: Spirit Guides - The one & The Many   Spirit Guides - The one & The Many EmptySat Jul 05, 2008 9:03 pm

As I was growing up it was always my belief that an individual had at least one spirit guide and possibly one angel to guide, assist, help, and heal them throughout their life. However in more recent years I have come to understand there are those who are of the opinion you can have many guides vs. just one.

I have read two different books of these two different views, Ted Andrews, How to Meet and Work With Spirit Guides. Andrews argues that a person can have more the one guide, depending on which spiritual field of study they wish to focus on. In other words, when the student is ready a teacher will appear essentially. This kind of fulfills this particular quote in one aspect.

Then you have people like author and psychic Sylvia Browne, Contacting Your Spirit Guide, who argue an individual has one main guide and if an individual is lucky they will get a master guide that is essentially the teacher to your main guide that is with you always.

From both of these views, and based upon my own personal experience of currently gaining several new spirit guide/teachers, I would have to say both their points are valid. When you are an energy worker, physical teachers will not always be present. To make up for this, whatever you're studying at the time a guide will appear to help teach. Additionally, it may also depend on the individual/light workers soul and what their purpose in life is as to whether or not they will gain more guides to learn from, however I can't be certain of this.

This is of course just a theory of mine, but I wanted to share and see what others might think.

"For many are called, but few are chosen" - Matthew 22:14 ver. New American Standard.
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Spirit Guides - The one & The Many
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