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 Dracula Origins

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PostSubject: Dracula Origins   Thu Aug 28, 2008 8:19 pm

Now I heard this game was good. I heard people were raving about it. I love Dracula and I've even read the unabridged version of Bram Stoker's Dracula. I also own (Bram Stoker's) Dracula with Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves, Gary Oldman, etc and I absolutely love it's adaption better then how I felt the book actually ended.

This game had a good story of its own that the author went off of. You play as Doctor Van Hellsing attempting to investigate and track down, to destroy, Dracula. You go on an amazing journey from England, to Cairo, to Transylvania. It is a very puzzle/logic oriented game. However as the game progresses further and you are more deeply enriched in the bewitching world Dracula has created behind closed doors, you find the puzzles make less and less sense.

For instance in order to even beat the game I had to resort to using Walkthroughs, because I had never played this style of game not to mention some of the puzzles had little to no clues. When you have nothing to go on how are you to find the solution? In all it's a decent game, but...it could have done with some more hints for some of the puzzles.

Oh and as a side note, it had the ending that I was most happy with to see considering my own opinions/beliefs of what Dracula can and cannot do and as I said, I like the way they did this story. My only beef is, I wish I could have seen more of Lord D man.

I've included the original/official game trailer though trust me when I say...it isn't impressive. Dracula Origins: Official Game Trailer

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Dracula Origins
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