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 RF Online - Game Review

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Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan

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PostSubject: RF Online - Game Review   Sat Aug 30, 2008 7:29 am

Despite being rated second worst MMO ever 'RF Online' really isn't as bad as they reviewers make it. While I will agree the environments are a bit bland in diversity, it isn't a half bad game once you get the idea of how to do play.

How you play the game will dictate your true in-game experience. Unlike most MMOs 'RF Online' isn't based on experienced, instead it is more based on your PTs or rather your skill points. In the game if you melee skill is of utter weak-sauce chances are you won't be able to equip any of those higher level bad-asses weapons you might find laying about in the guts of the monsters you slay in-game. Magic/Force works about the same and has to equipped like an item. The nifty thing is though, if there is a Magic/Spell/Force skill you want to be rid of and it's a few good levels, you can unequip it, and sell it for a pretty disena in the 'RF Online' Auction Houses found in Haram Stockade.

RF Online takes some serious patients, but many of the classes to play are a hell of a lot of fun such as Specialists who can make just about anything...so long as you've been working on those crafting skills I talked about earlier. Spiritualists are pretty much your mages though they can also be like a summoner and are not the only pet-class in the game. In fact you can actually multi-class in RF Online. When you hit level 30 whatever your base class is doesn't really matter (I think except for Specialists) when it comes to choosing whether or not you want to be a battle-summoner for instance (a warrior that can summon Animuses) or something else. So there is some diversity but in doing this sort of off-branching you could be screwing yourself over for some magic class bonuses. So be sure in what you choose.

So of the 4 classes you can play are Warrior, Spiritualist, Ranger, and Specialist. There are three races to the game. You have the Cora who are the tall Tolken-like Elves who are fighting for the land because of religious reasons or rather conquest. For the Cora it's all about the holy war essentially. Second you have the Bellato who are essentially the counter-parts to the Cora though they are more like half-lings (without the harry feet) and look rather more anime-like. Lastly you have the good for nothing team-killing f- I mean Accretions...no one likes Accretions...NO ONE! Okay...not entirely true there are people that play them, but most people don't like them because well...if it isn't a bell or a Cora PKing you, it will most likely be an Accretion. Accretions are known for the sociopathic ways and definitely haven't made too many friends among either Bellato Union or Holy Cora Alliance. They do have better regen then all the races and armor from what I understand.

If you play an Accretion (Toaster, Toaster oven, ACC) though just be aware my Cora or Bell is most likely going to PK your buns! haha

So good news for Mech lovers. If you love the concept of mechs then you'll want to be a MAU pilot for the Bellato Union. When you hit level 30 you are able to get your first MAU (Manual Armor Unit?). As time goes on you can upgrade your MAU to have boosters to move faster or have better weapons. The only down side to being a MAU driver is...it is a costly experience. You're best bet is to be a Bellato Specialist because Specialists can form and refine goods which can make them some serious mula, but don't take my word for it. Instead be sure to read the RF Online official website and forum.

In short the game doesn't really begin for you as a player until you hit about level 30. Thirty is when most guilds will accept you as a member and they can do awesome things for you like grouping and Power-leveling.

When you hit level 40 is when you will officially be more efficient/affective as a warrior in what RF Online has come to call 'Chip War'. Chip Wars are wars that take place in the Craig Mines. The goal is to beat the other races Control Chip towers down, steal their chips, protect the Holy Stone Keeper and win dominion over the mine that the Holy Stone Keeper protects for your race. If you win the war it betters the economy for your race and the Holy Stone Keeper will protect your fellow race members, while you mine, while smiting everyone else who dare approaches...up until the early beginnings of the next chip war when the Holy Stone Keeper will then go out of control, kill everyone around his feet, and be hostile toward every race until the next war is won and the winning race determined.

So in conclusion RF Online really isn't a bad MMO. It just takes some patients and a good mind set. If you're hell bent on creating a kick-ass bad-ass then you've got the right mind set and you should do very well. If you just want to play and your not too terribly liking the whole grinding thing that you see in most MMOs, you probably don't want to play this game cause it most likely won't be for you if this is the case. I give RF Online an 8/10.

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RF Online - Game Review
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