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 From Far Away - Book series Review

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Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan
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From Far Away - Book series Review Empty
PostSubject: From Far Away - Book series Review   From Far Away - Book series Review EmptyThu Sep 03, 2009 10:26 pm

I couldn't recall if I had already done a book review on this series but if I haven't I'm doing it now.

From Far Away is a story about a young High School girl named Noriko who one day is some how magically transported by a bomb no less to another fantastical world with incredible creatures. She meets Izark who's intent is to take her away from the others who wish to claim her because of a mysterious gift she possess. Noriko's coming to their world signals for a new era and everyone wants to get their hands on her power in order to summon a powerful demon. However, Izark wants to kill her in order to prevent this from happening. It's an incredible story and I'd say if it doesn't pre-date Fushigi Yugi then the author was definitely possibly a fan of Fushigi Yugi (if they read the series). If any of you Shoujo lovers have seen Fushigi Yugi and enjoyed it, From Far Away will be right up your alley, sure to please, and I HIGHLY recommend you add it to your book collection ASAP.

I've included an online Manga library link for you guys (though you're going to have to copy and paste the link in your web-browser considering how myspace loves to break our links) so you can at least see if you'd like to own the series or not. I definitely recommend reading up to book 2 before you decide you don't like the series. Book 1 is kind of slow but book 2 does a lovely job of pulling you in:


I'm also including a From Far Away AMV I found (not of the series unfortunately and YES they did make one and aired it a VERY long time ago here in America when no one most likely cared):


Remember to copy the link and to paste it in your web-browser! Happy reading Otaku fans!

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From Far Away - Book series Review
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