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 Pagans Are Made of Free Love

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Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan
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Pagans Are Made of Free Love Empty
PostSubject: Pagans Are Made of Free Love   Pagans Are Made of Free Love EmptyTue Nov 24, 2009 7:12 pm

An acquaintance and I were having a discussion about Paganism and traditional Pagan beliefs. He seemed to be under the impression that Pagans are all about "Free-love" and I mean in more ways than one. He seemed to think it was silly that I am being celibate until another person I have feelings for comes around and proves they are worthy of such adoration by me. I've had my fill of bad experiences and I'm actually content right now on just waiting and taking some serious down time for myself so fufilling my carnal desires isn't a big thing for me right now. I know it can be but that's another discussion for another time and place.

So he presented some examples to me as to what cultures were "Pagan" and were all about the "Free-love". Of course I look back on some of these examples now and wonder, "Wait, I don't know about that. Some of them maybe but not all." I don't really want to do all the research to find out for sure and all because that would take a lot of time and work and I'm not sure I really want to invest in something as silly as that right now just to prove a point. The examples he gave were the Celts, Greeks, Romans, Hindu and those were the few he managed to list off from the top of his head. The Greek and Romans I can agree with, no qualms. It's the Hindu and Celts I get hung up on.

I know a little about Hindu culture. If I remember correctly they had multiple wives and I wouldn't exactly call that "Free-love". As for the Celts that depended on what tribe you were looking at. If I have done my historical research correctly the tribes of Wales, Ireland, and Scotland gave their women equal rights, allowed them to go into combat, and be a little more independant. They didn't exactly condone celibacy, but they didn't think highly of it either. A woman who had children and the like was far more valued than one who did not. *shrugs* I surmise that would have to do with the obvious "fertility" of the woman. But to me that isn't exactly "free-love" either.

So, ya? or nay? On the "Free-love" is a Pagan thing, or any other thoughts ideas, etc to add to the discussion?

My own personal opinion is, this is just the guys indirect way of trying to get into my pants (i.e. Hit on me). Why does everyone feel like they need to try and go a around about manner of trying to say, "Hey I think you're gorgeous. Wouldn't mind dating you, would that be okay beautiful?" Shesh! Laughing

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Pagans Are Made of Free Love
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