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 Gifts From the Past

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Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan
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PostSubject: Gifts From the Past   Gifts From the Past EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 6:22 pm

It is some peoples belief within the OtherBeing/Otherkin community and otherwise that their past-lives have such a great influence upon their current incarnations that certain skills, physical attributes, etc are enhanced by these past beings/experiences. Whether that is true or not it up for speculation and reseach but that is what this topic is for.

Are there any physical traits, skills, certain attributes, knowledge, etc that you can think of that you feel you can associate it with a connection to one of your past-lives (can you thank one of your past-lives mayhaps for an edge in a certain field of expertise? etc)?

My Perspective On This:

I feel I can thank my previous lives for many generous experiences, skills, knowledge, etc that I have great proficiency in. I feel my 1st life (last if you want to get techical) is where SOME of my knowledge of magic and magic theory, etc comes from as well as my knowledge and memory storage of plants, some mixology, alchemy, etc. I believe, due to the nature of the society I lived in, this is another place that I can draw from for my absolute love and passion for art, music, and nature. This is the one of the places my absolute love and appreciation for nature definitely comes from.

It also seems in a way that my current incarnation is almost like an Echo or reflection of a combination of my previous lives. For instance if I turn my head just right my ears look pointy and I look very Elf-like. Most people in public at Ren Faires and even at New Age shops have often said I look very "Fae-like" or "Elf-like". I sometimes for fun say, "Funny you should mention that." But I've had long hair in nearly all my lives so far as I can tell just it's a different shade from any of the previous ones. It's close to maybe at least 2 right now but it's just a bit too dark and not enough of certain colors in it.

2nd Life:
One of the places my Warrior fighting, fiery spirit comes from is this gal. She was a regular spit-fire and should you ever meet her one could only hope you didn't piss her off. She's probably where my love of Victorian and Elizabethian style clothing comes from (next to the 1st life) as well as swords and such. I only wish her battle confidence but since I still have yet to take any real physical self-defense classes my confidence is a wee bit low...mayhaps I should start sparring with my roommates more often. tee-hee might help. lol I also feel some of my charisma comes from her (as well as from most of my lives really. You cannot resist me WhOOOooooOOoo! *wiggles her fingers in your direction all silly-like)

3rd Life:
I believe this is partly where I get my soft, kind, compassionate nature from as well as my strong empathic skills (among a few other things -.-; ) She was also a fighter but that came later on in her life. She spent a good portion of her life however getting to know and understand how different societies work and trying to understanding the different perspectives contained within life as well as trying to find herself. You didn't want to P.O her either, that would be very baaaaad!

I have two more lives that I am aware of where I knew vasts amounts of knowledge, random facts, and maybe even was an actual true Mage or Druid so to speak, but I'm still trying to recall all the details from both. I know the Druid-like one is another place where more of my knowledge on magic comes from as well as plants, mixology/alchemy, and bad temper. lol

That's probably just about it really. Not sure where the precog might come in if at all. Might just be something I can do in this current incarnation. Not sure.

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Gifts From the Past
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