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 Review for Daybreakers - 8/10

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Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan
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Review for Daybreakers - 8/10 Empty
PostSubject: Review for Daybreakers - 8/10   Review for Daybreakers - 8/10 EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 3:50 pm

If you're a fan of Vampire films or of Vampires in general you should be able to appreciate this film for it's creativity and homage to old classic vampire films/lore.

The setting is in the near-to-distant future where most of the population are vampires and the few humans left are captured and farmed for their blood. If they don't find a substitute blood serum the population can eventually degress into the equivalent of uncivilized monsters and possible extinction. Of course the premise of the movie is finding a cure or some other plan that can help the human race and vampires to survive, if not cure the vampires entirely or otherwise.

As a vampire film lover myself I did enjoy this film and that's saying something since I'm typically overcritical since my original major was Video Production and I was exposed to a wide variety of films. In my own words there were some very possible ingenius ideas in this film if say well - we were over-run by vampires. The acting was also pretty darn good and the actor who was Norman Osbourne starred in this film by the name of "Elvis" so if you are a fan of this actor that might be another reason to go see it. To keep myself from spoiling the film I really can't say much more since I don't like to be a spoiler.

Just go see it and you'll see what I mean!

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Review for Daybreakers - 8/10
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