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 What is the Meaning or Purpose Behind Your Name?

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Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan

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PostSubject: What is the Meaning or Purpose Behind Your Name?   Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:11 pm

I'm talking username or magical name and it doesn't have to be the "literal meaning" unless you know it.

My chosen name's have varied but all I have chosen with good reason and because they fit me not just mentally, but emotionally and spiritually on my soul level.
In the beginning I went by the name "Guinevere" or rather how I used to spell it, "Gwenevere". At 1st I didn't think much of it other than it was a strong name and I was using it at the time for a heroine I had created for myself to help provide me with courage, inner strength, wisdom, etc. It was not until I was much older I realized Guinevere was indeed a name from my previous second life. I did research later on the name to discover that it means, "Fair, White Lady, Fair skin, pale, etc". A name that in a way states the obvious but all the same I cannot argue that it is a noble/regal name befitting of a woman with a strong heart, mind, and will. I also have quite fair skin in color. Many people refer to me as a classic beauty.

The name I go by now is Lady Gwendolynn Drauntia O'Danaan. Many people call me "Lady" sometimes for short but I prefer it if they did not. If they were to call me Lady Gwen or Lady O'Danaan that would be more appropriate considering "Lady" is simply my respectful title. I felt it better than using "Priestess" which is NOT simplistic and in a way DEMANDS respect from others vs. the subtle hint that "Lady"implies that one might or should speak gently to me in all matters. I never demand my respect however on any community, I always earn it so that my title truly fits me.
The name Gwendolynn was what someone had 1st called me when I told them "Call me Gwen". They thought "Gwendolynn" which...funny enough years later I decide I want to use it because I felt it suited me well. The name itself means "Goddess of the Moon" which in a way is another reason why I picked it. I love little things that I wear or choose that always hint back as to my true origins. It's like a riddle that people are given the opportunity to solve. It is my way of paying homage to my true mother. Drauntia is the name of the goddess who taught the very 1st Druids all that they knew and even created the tree calendar. I believe her sacred animal is the hare and she, I believe, was worshipped by Queen Boudica.

O'Danaan now if that isn't a story I haven't been dying to tell. Some of you may know that Danaan comes from the name Tuatha De Danaan which some people believe to mean "People of Danu" or "Chosen of Danu" and one other thing that I have purposely left out because it sounds nothing like the 1st two. I look at Danu as my true Mother. I also call her Luna sometimes but Danu is always whom I look to and so I desired to pay my respects yet again to my mother due to the path I walk so I wanted a "surname" that did her the utmost honor. O'Danaan if I did this correctly should remotely come out to "Child of Danu" or "Daughter of Danu" or something of that affect. That is what I was shooting for and I have been studying the surname mechanics of Irish and Scottish names for a while and I liked this best over McDanaan or MacDanaan.

So there, now you know. I put a great deal of thought into my names when I choose them. As for my true Birth name, only those close to me know that and I care not to reveal even it's meaning. I will tell you that my real middle name means "Oath of God" or "God's Oath". Very fitting for a priestess such as myself funny how things work so beautifully in life sometimes.

"For many are called, but few are chosen" - Matthew 22:14 ver. New American Standard.
"Though my soul is born from darkness, it shall rise in perfect light, I have loved the stars too fondly, to be fearful of the night". Unknown
"On those nights that I gazed upon the full moon in longing it was always you that my heart was calling." - me
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PostSubject: Re: What is the Meaning or Purpose Behind Your Name?   Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:13 am

Well, the name "orcary" os actually a name I ended up coming up with during the days of Warcraft 2 Battle Net Edition. Though a simple reason for the name, it began to mean more and more to me over the years taking a deeper meaning to the original intention of "the balance between good and evil." I have not found any mention of the name before and the majority of the ones you will find searching are mine. The o in the name is intentially lower case, though I myself do not understand the reason but just seems proper. A couple people have suggested the reason for this is the possibly of it being a slave name or part of the name.
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What is the Meaning or Purpose Behind Your Name?
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