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 Is Fear of Our Gods Truly Wise?

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Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan
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Is Fear of Our Gods Truly Wise? Empty
PostSubject: Is Fear of Our Gods Truly Wise?   Is Fear of Our Gods Truly Wise? EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 4:44 pm

This is the question I asked myself, though I've asked it before when I was much younger, as my best friend and I drove by one of the small announcement boards from one of the churches that proceeded to read on one side, "A wise man fears the LORD," a quote taken from Proverbs 14:16. The whole quote if you'd like to know is, "A wise man fears the LORD and shuns evil, but a fool is hotheaded and reckless." I have never agreed that we should fear those we worship as our deities. While some can argue, "Best to be feared than Loved," I feel, "To be loved is best for at least than you know you will be fondly remembered and respected by some." That's my own personal quote and/or philosophy. I also feel "We are fools if we do not question whom we follow but yet follow blindly without question." Again another personal quote.

The relationship I have with my deities has always been of a reciprocating unconditional love and respect that has been tested and tried many a time. While at times I have been very frustrated with some of the outcomes within my life, and at times given the gods a piece of my mind they have always reminded me of this, "But you love us anyway," and I of course in my begrudging state concede to this with a few extra grumblings in an incoherent language because I know they are right and they have never given up on me despite when others have. No matter what my mood has been my gods know that my heart is their temple for them to freely reside in so long as they fill it with love, light, respect, knowledge, wisdom, etc.

I have never understood the concept, as I stated earlier, of why one would honestly want to worship a god out of fear. In my mind this does not promote a positive relationship between worshipper and worshipee. Sure enough you can control with fear but then I must ask, "What god in their right mind would want to be feared? Rather than revered and loved?" The only answer I come up with is not a GOOD one people want to hear, but would rather I not mention, and for their sake I will respect them by not saying it (because I don't want to start any flame wars, etc). Hopefully I have implied my meaning well enough though.

There is a quote that has been passed down that some claim to be an Irish saying that I rather like that relates to our topic, if I remember correctly, it goes, "When an Irishman wants to speak with an equal, they go to God." This quote always tickles my senses with a smile and some laughter but in a way, there is some truth to this statement but that's a topic for another time and I want to keep this kind of short. But in a way this is something I believe in myself. This is the kind of close personal relationship I have with my own deities.

Forgive my Biblical quotations but "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This is how I feel about even my Gods and how they should function in regards to myself. If all you do is reflect hate, then mayhaps that is the kind of god that you follow. In a way this kind of all relates back to that quote I so love, "Lead by example." If you want people to treat you with love, kindness, and respect be the 1st to set the example by showing them and teaching them this in everyday life.

I hope this has all made sense and if not I do apologize for confusing some of you. This is at times how my mind works. Thank you for reading. Love, bright blessings, good fortune, merry part & merry meet again!

Note: For the record I'd like to state I am not Christian but I was originally raised 7th Day Adventist by my father, Lord and Lady bless his soul and ensure it finds peace. He always tried to do what was best for me and for that I can appreciate what he did. I have found however that Christianities teachings have taught me some positive concepts regardless of peoples constant blastings of them.

"For many are called, but few are chosen" - Matthew 22:14 ver. New American Standard.
"Though my soul is born from darkness, it shall rise in perfect light, I have loved the stars too fondly, to be fearful of the night". Unknown
"On those nights that I gazed upon the full moon in longing it was always you that my heart was calling." - me
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Is Fear of Our Gods Truly Wise?
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