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 As Controversial as Roddy Piper

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PostSubject: As Controversial as Roddy Piper   Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:50 pm

****Note: For those of you who do NOT know who Roddy Piper is I am providing some brief information though getting to know him through his actual wrestling is best because his true character comes through and that's the kind of thing I am referring to.

In recent time I was just randomly thinking and meditating on some of these thoughts as I usually do when something very particular stood out to me. It was a realization about myself. I tend to find I learn more and more about myself almost all the time, the type of person I am, who I want to be, and who I know I want to become. This realization was, "I'm an individual that strives to be contraversial just like Roddy Piper! Only - I don't thrive in all of it like he does." I realize that while I create a great deal of controversy most of the time from what I believe to what I say, I do not thrive in it, not exactly. While I wish it was so easy for the slings and arrows to just glance off of me, it isn't. Being born sensitive from the start has its drawbacks but also has some pros as well as cons.

I believe, this is from my own personal experience, that being born sensitive allows us to develope our "gifts" better such as "Empathy" and divination if we get introduced to it at an early age, quite possibly even procognition. There could be more but I'm unsure as to what all would be affected by such a thing. However if other people are also aware of how developed our intuitive abilities are that also leaves us open to psychic attacks and so forth.

If you're Thick-skinned, sure it means things roll off your back and you don't let the opinions or things people say bother you in the least but it could potentially mean your skills and abilities will develop at a slower rate due to your possible inability to relate to others and the world around you. You may lack compassion and love. Just because you might develop slower though doesn't mean you are any less prone to Psychic Attacks. But I can only speculate as to what the pros and cons are truly between the two, but this is what I have to share in case anyone else would like to expand upon them.

While one day I hope to accomplish both in perfect harmony having the ability to relate to others with my Empathy and not allow those who would otherwise try to do harm to me or otherwise with my thick-skinned nature, I have yet to figure out how this can be done. I have some ideas but I don't know if they will work. I suppose I will just have to try, go by trial and error, meditate, and see what I come up with. In truth my skin has thickened over time due to the experiences in life I have had and how the world has treated myself as well as others, but I have yet to truly master it. I do believe though that both of these types of individuals are lucky however because they have such a unique idea and view of the world.

Just because I have difficulty with the slings and arrows in life glancing off my armor it does not mean that I will fight any less courageously for my beliefs as well as others. One might think if I dislike all these things I should just stop, so I don't have to fight, but then I wouldn't be true to who I am. Sure I might dislike all the little trolls, elitists, or whoever decides today is going to be the day they are going to be my personal thorn in my side, but I never allow them to have complete control of the situation, especially of myself and my emotions. That is one of the most important parts. Despite all the contraversy sometimes it actually only proves to strengthen my resolve and to keep trying, no matter what may come because I feel there are others like me out there, that need someone like me to show them their way isn't wrong, that their way CAN be RIGHT.

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As Controversial as Roddy Piper
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