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 Is Ra a Pervert?

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Is Ra a Pervert? Empty
PostSubject: Is Ra a Pervert?   Is Ra a Pervert? EmptySun Apr 06, 2008 6:41 pm

My beloved and I have noticed that whenever we do something "naughty" is becomes sunshiny!
Now my question is this...Do you think we are watched even by Gods and influences we don't pay homage to or do you think it could be just coincidence? Keep in mind we live in a rain forest and its almost always cloudy here. (the reason I moved here) Yet the sun comes out when ever either of us *cough*...um...
If another God is watching me dammit I want to know why!
Ooooo Maybe its the clouds and instead of trying to watch like Ra maybe they are running away...hmmm

Wow after reading that maybe I should wait till after me first cup of coffee in the mornings to post...
at least thats what it sounds like to me...
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somber goddess
somber goddess

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Is Ra a Pervert? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Is Ra a Pervert?   Is Ra a Pervert? EmptyMon Apr 07, 2008 9:45 am

More Coffee? Surly you jest. bounce

Have you thought that perhaps it's not someone watching you, but just a side effect of sorts? Maybe the sunshine is a result of released energy (or something) considering the duo in question and the *cough* ... lyrics...? Just a thought.
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Is Ra a Pervert?
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