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 Why So Aloof?

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Why So Aloof? Empty
PostSubject: Why So Aloof?   Why So Aloof? EmptyMon Apr 07, 2008 12:24 am

Many Many of the people i know would classify themselves as wiccan and many would even classify me as one yet, i have noticed a possibly disturbing trend whenever two or more wiccans get together there is a "show" of sorts many will try to outdo the others. i have overheard many conversations where one wiccan is referring to another as a "poseur" or a "wiccan-by-numbers." Why is it that in a culture that stands so alone and outside of the mainstream there is so much alienation and not enough inclusion? think of what we could all achieve if we put aside all our dislike of those who might or might not be as "informed" as the rest of us. lets take each one we find, every lost soul looking for the true way and do all we can to show them the light. and above all if someone tries to show us the light accept what they say with just a grain of the wisdom in each of us! realize PLEASE that just because ones view differs from your does not mean they are wrong! nor does it mean that you yourself are wrong!


I am sure that the above might have made a few of you think...but now i ask this...i have said this in person to many people around me. i have never seen a change. why is it that this doesn't or cant work? Is it an internal or possibly an external force keeping us all distrustful of each other?
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somber goddess
somber goddess

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Why So Aloof? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why So Aloof?   Why So Aloof? EmptyThu Apr 17, 2008 8:03 pm

I've rarely experienced the kind of negative reaction from someone of the same or smilar belief system, but then the group of people who helped me find my path were good friends and comfortable/confident in their own knowledge and paths. I think that has a lot to do with it. People become self important, others become overly cynical. If you have no faith or respect for your own beliefs, or in yourself for that matter, how can you give strength, advice, or anything but negative feeback to others. Others probably fear that they are not as 'intune/wiccan as they pretend to be' (this fear proves it). Jealouy, pride, fear, anger- pieces of human nature that we fight with in everyday life, they cause us to do some petty things.
Sorry about rambling, those are my thoughts on your question anyway.
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Why So Aloof?
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