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 The Path to Becoming a Druid - Recommended Reading List

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The Path to Becoming a Druid - Recommended Reading List Empty
PostSubject: The Path to Becoming a Druid - Recommended Reading List   The Path to Becoming a Druid - Recommended Reading List EmptyTue Apr 08, 2008 7:27 am

Some of these were recommended to me by the Druid/Shaman I met and I would just like to share what he has with me with those who would wish to walk the same path as I and few others do. I will add on to the list as more books are recommended and/or that I have read and know for sure to be 'Must Reads'. I will also try to list authors so you can get the exact material that you need.

Note: I will try to list the books in difficulty ranges so you know what you should most likely tackle in the beginning, as you go, and so forth. Additionally I recommend picking up any book you feel may be imperative to your learning as a Druid, this includes books you feel inherently drawn to. Keep in mind I have NOT read all of these just yet myself either.

Initiate/Ovate Studies:
Celtic Magic by D.J. Conway (This is excellent for the table of Gods and Goddesses Contents alone. It's ok for other stuff but not as much so.) ~I have read was my 1st book on Celtic Magic actually.
The Mabinogion ~Still have yet to read but it is a very important part of your foundation!
The Celts: A History by Peter Berresford Ellis ~I've read good portions of this but not from front to back just yet. Also a great piece for your foundation building blocks.
The Druidry Handbook: Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth by John Michael ~I have yet to read this but it can highly recommended by my 1st teacher and others as well.
The Solitary Druid by Robert Ellison ~I have yet to read this myself - I do know it was recommended by some others I knew but - I say decide for yourselves whether or not you find it useful. I think that is VERY important.

(This link was provided to me via a few acquaintances. It is a secondary book list that beginners to intermediates may look over to see what else they might learn from. Some of these are already on my recommended reading list, other have yet to be added: Alternative Reading List)

Optional for Beginners as well depending on your interests:
Dragonlore by Ashley Dekirk and Oberon Zell-Ravenheart
Dancing with Dragons by Conway
Norse Magic by D.J. Conway
Beginners Guide to Astral Projection by Edain McCoy
Enchantment of the Faerie Realm by Ted Andrews (I recommend his books rather highly, he is a favorite author of mine. Sadly he passed away October 28th, I believe, of 2009. A great teacher and I mourn his loss.)
The Rites of Odin by Ed Fitch (Not sure about this one)
Celtic Women's Spirituality by McCoy
Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls by Ted Andrews (One of my favorite authors, need I say more?)
How to Meet and Work With Spirit Guide by Ted Andrews
Contacting Your Spirit Guide by Sylvia Browne (Has some good info)
Gargoyles: From the Archives of the Grey School of Wizardry by Susan Pesznecker
Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart
Companion for the Apprentice Wizard by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

Animal Wise: The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature by Ted Andrews
Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews
A Druid's Herbal by Hopman ~It's debatable about how valuable this is for reading considering I have found inaccurate information in it. The herbal contents though is pretty good all things considered but I'd get yourself another informative book on these things.
Crone's Book of Charms and Spells by Valerie Worth ~Recommended by my 1st Teacher, have yet to truly read through it.
By Oak, Ash, and Thorn by D.J. Conway ~Have yet to read. Recommended by my 1st teacher.
Wicca The Complete Craft by Conway ~1st teacher recommende this I believe so that I would understand the dynamics of magic between Wicca and Druidism. It may be also so I understood the similiarities and differences.

Other Optional:
Kindling the Celtic Spirit by Mara Freeman ~Haven't read this one just yet.
21 Lessons of Merlin: A Study in Druid Magic & Lore by Douglas Monroe (DON'T take this one to heart. There are some things that aren't entirely right with this one. It is often considered a work of fiction at best as well. You've been fairly warned. Until I can find a better resource that has the 3 stanza poem guidelines of wisdom and such, I am stuck with this one being in my library. If someone can recommend a better resource other than this that contains what I seek I would greatly appreciate it.)
Advanced Celtic Shamanism by D.J. Conway ~Haven't read yet, but worth looking at just to see what Conway has to say about considering I read the 1st book by her called Celtic Magic.
Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids by R.J. Stewart & Robin Willamson
The Celtic Twilight: Faerie & Folklore by W.B. Yeats (Written during a period of time when Pagan/Magic traditions/orders/covens/groves, etc all were undergoing a restoration period. I feel it is important to read historical material like this.)
Earth Magic by Steven Farmer ~So far what I've read I LOVE! He follows along the same perspective that I do in regards to my beliefs and practices. I definitely recommend reading this if you are curious.
Gods and Fighting Men by Lady Gregory ~Another Celtic Lore book that I highly recommend. It has a great deal of the old folklore and legends within it.

Extra Reading that is Recommended/Optional as well:
The Golden Bough by Sir James George Frazer (Novel/Fiction)
Druids by Morgan Llywelyn (Novel/Fiction)
Priestess of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley (Novel/Fiction)
Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish by Morgan Llwelyn (Novel/Fiction)

Note: Remember to get out and also experience new things and sensations. These are also very important to your training as well as your 'Life Long' training. You can't learn everything from books. Even then, don't take everything to heart from the books you read unless it makes sense to you and resonates with your being. These are very important things to keep in mind. I cannot stress these enough!

Remember it takes time to learn as well as diligence, discipline, concentration, and more. But remember not to overdo it and be sure to take time out when you need it. I recommend definitely reading 20-30 minutes a day as most schools will recommend, but don't rush yourself. All things in their time and place. They will happen when they happen. Life is NOT a race unless you make it so. Wink

Good luck and have fun!

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The Path to Becoming a Druid - Recommended Reading List
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