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 Digging for the Facts - The 21 Lessons of Merlyn (Book)

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Digging for the Facts - The 21 Lessons of Merlyn (Book) Empty
PostSubject: Digging for the Facts - The 21 Lessons of Merlyn (Book)   Digging for the Facts - The 21 Lessons of Merlyn (Book) EmptySun Apr 13, 2008 6:28 am

It seems my work is never done. I've been arguing that we know much more about the ways of the Druid then we think we do and have been fighting a fight where there have been 3 against 1 odds (me being the 1 and everyone else against me). Someone actually researched the book 'The 21 Lessons of Merlyn' by Douglas Monroe and decided to pull up five negative reviews about the book to prove it was a piece of crap reference that had no true standing and that it was entirely a work of fiction. However, for every negative review he pulled up I'm sure there were just as many positives to match. If you read the book from front to back you will realize the Prologue actually is not fiction. It contains several quotations and information from some rather credible sources. It's just a matter of proving they are. So what I am going to do is prove or at least get as close to a fact as I can get by taking at least the prologue a part. And posting my findings here.

Additionally, I would just like to add that all the odd chapters are stories which have a point/lesson/moral. If you then read the book in its entirety you will find that the even chapters are actually rituals or spells that pertain to those particular stories. From what I have learned through books such as 'The Celts: A History' by Peter Berresford Ellis and others is that not just the bards were storytellers, but the Druids as well taught their lessons through stories/lore (and most likely fiction) and history. Each sect, from what I understand, were supposed to be a different time stream (if you will), one was past, one present, and the other future. I'm not entirely sure myself how that works, but hey that's what I am doing the research for on this books prologue.

From reading this prologue there was a mentioning of how some of the Druid sects went into hiding by using a 'Christian-like' front to cover-up the idea they were still practicing the old ways. I found a passage on/from wikipedia while doing research for my topic on 'The Gods Were Mortal Once'. The passage reads as thus concerning the historical history of Ireland:

According to early medieval chronicles, in 431, Bishop Palladius arrived in Ireland on a mission from Pope Celestine I to minister to the Irish "already believing in Christ." (This was to convert the Celtic Church to Roman Catholicism). The same chronicles record that Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, arrived in 432. There is continued debate over the missions of Palladius and Patrick, but the general consensus is that they both existed and that 7th century annalists may have mis-attributed some of their activities to each other. Palladius most likely went to Leinster, while Patrick is believed to have gone to Ulster, where he probably spent time in captivity as a young man.

The druid tradition collapsed in the face of the spread of the new religion.

Or at least they thought they had snuffed out the Druids, their teachings, and their practices. But is anything really truly ever destroyed? I believe there are still historical/factual fragments that remain of their traditions, whether it is written, oral, by bloodline or by some other means (Wikipedia Info: Ireland - History).

~~Note: If some of you would like to help with my research on the subjects mentioned I would greatly appreciate the hand. Just make sure you PM me any and all information and title the message appropriately so I know.

~~I found a link for the full-length book on Google Books. The intro/prologue actually has some very factual information as I said, so I do recommended reading it before the stories and then the rituals. The 21 Lessons of Merlyn

Druids of Anglesey(/Culdees?) and The Avalonian Motherhood:
Not what I was looking for, but I did like this reference and found it rather useful:
Brief History of the Druids
I found the article around the middle of the page to be of interest as far as some key historical critical links:
Druids converted?
A Google Book on the History of the Druids:
History on the Druids
When this gentlemen mentions how the younger celts (most likely the Ovates/Vates) were converted, that would have left some of them to openly record what they knew about the Druid order:
Local History Blurb
Sisterhood of Avalon:
The Ceile De

~~More to be added as I discover information of interest/quotations by famous poets or beings to research and post.

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Digging for the Facts - The 21 Lessons of Merlyn (Book)
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