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 What is it that the Children See?

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Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan
Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan

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What is it that the Children See? Empty
PostSubject: What is it that the Children See?   What is it that the Children See? EmptySun Jul 06, 2008 7:07 pm

Throughout my young adult life I find that children often stare at me. It isn't because I'm gothed out or wearing anything too remotely strange. Sometimes I'm just dressed in say my work uniform and they'll sneak up close to me, as if trying to get a better look at something. What the hell?!

I seriously don't understand why children do this or why they stare at me. I'm thinking either they never thought an adult could be as short as I am (5' for those who are curious) or if they can almost see some of my kin traits such as a phantom limb like my ears, tail, wings, or any number of other traits. But I get this feeling like they can sense who and what I am and that's kind of weird in a way. I feel like they see right through me to what I truly am. I don't understand how this is so prevalent with me and rarely anyone else I know or that I am with.

Any ideas?

"For many are called, but few are chosen" - Matthew 22:14 ver. New American Standard.
"Though my soul is born from darkness, it shall rise in perfect light, I have loved the stars too fondly, to be fearful of the night". Unknown
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What is it that the Children See?
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