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 What Can I do To Help Me Remember The GoA is Here?

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Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan
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What Can I do To Help Me Remember The GoA is Here? Empty
PostSubject: What Can I do To Help Me Remember The GoA is Here?   What Can I do To Help Me Remember The GoA is Here? EmptyThu Apr 16, 2009 1:57 pm

I've heart the excuses this way and that. Either people don't know where to start or they forget this place all-together until I might send out a newsletter. My of my close-personal friends of 8 yrs said the same so I came up "hopefully" with a good solution for him to remember. I've got at least a couple other suggestions. Now a favorites list is something that can be found on any web browser. It might go by different names such as "Bookmark" but that's one example and I only recommend that method to people who are super organized and know they utilize that sort of thing on a regular basis.

For the stuff you really don't want to forget like forum, etc that have no other ways of reminding you they exist (except with private messages, replies to posts, newsletters maybe, etc) there are two ways I see you solving this issue real quick.

1. On some web-browser you can create a button for a favorite site. This feature can be found on most Firefox browsers (for those using later ver. of windows since Vista is a b***h (least right now it is. Won't let me download firefox). If you have Firefox all you'd have to do is position your mouse over the bar where you might see some basic tabs/buttons and right click. It will show you a few options and there should be an option that says something relative (without bookmark in the word), "Create new tab" or something. It might not be that, but I'm having to go off memory. If you got the right option a new dialogue will come up and ask you for the name and address, maybe a brief description for the new tab you want to create. From there you hit okay and you're done! Simple as that!

2. The next simple way is to just go under the "File" tab and click "Save as" or "Save web-page as" that will create a shortcut for you on your desktop of the place you want to remember to go to when the urge finds ya.

So there are a couple ways as you can see. I hope these tips/tricks help. Please let me know if they do or don't I'd really like to hear some feedback on what you guys think.

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What Can I do To Help Me Remember The GoA is Here?
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