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 The 10th Kingdom

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PostSubject: The 10th Kingdom   The 10th Kingdom EmptyTue Apr 08, 2008 8:53 am

Has anyone seen or do you know of this mini-series? I managed to find a trailer for it on youtube. It's the trailer for introducing it. I have to say, since I've watched the series, one of my favorite characters is 'Wolf,' cause he reminds me of the man I am currently dating.


The way the story goes is this...pretty much our mundane world is either parallel or is another dimension to the world we consider fairytale. The decedent of Snow White, is turned into a dog by this sorceress (who escapes with the help of trolls if I remember correctly) held in captivity at the fairytale maximum security and as he is trying to escape the prince/the dog finds this mirror off in storage by accident and gets transported to our world/the mundane. That's when he winds up finding our main Heroine and her father. Their involvement in helping save the prince and his world change their lives forever.

Not the best plot line summary but I tried. For more info I suggest checking out http://www.imdb.com.

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The 10th Kingdom
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