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 Otherkin & Otherbeings - What's the Differences, What to Look Out For, etc

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Otherkin & Otherbeings - What's the Differences, What to Look Out For, etc Empty
PostSubject: Otherkin & Otherbeings - What's the Differences, What to Look Out For, etc   Otherkin & Otherbeings - What's the Differences, What to Look Out For, etc EmptyTue Jun 29, 2010 6:41 pm

This was originally written for a topic on Wiccantogether about Otherkin that Celticlass, a member, wrote. If you'd like to read the topic you may find it here: http://www.wiccantogether.com/forum/topics/otherkins-are-you-one

This is in response to many of the comments made that I felt misrepresented the Otherkin and/or Otherbeing community, if not a bit jaded and bias as well, I took it upon myself to give some clarity upon the matter and I'd like to share that information with you in the hopes it can shed some light here as well for some of you:

There is another term being used now in reference to "Otherkin" that I feel is more respectable than saying blatantly "Otherkin" in a
semi-public setting. While many people cannot nor will not agree on the existence or the establishment of such a belief, I am one who does for
many different reasons and it's not because my brain has all but gone to mush for the Hulu Aliens to maw down on. Course this new term, I
believe, only fits a certain group of us all the same.

It has been my experience over the past few years of considering myself among the "Otherkin" community that the term "Otherkin" has downright degenerated into Roleplayers and people who don't understand the true concept of what originally "Otherkin" was suppose to mean. I don't exactly know the true origins of where the 1st "Otherkin" experience came from or how it started. I'd love to know to be honest but I'm sure I would find a very accurate site that wasn't wholly BIAS about the whole subject. I've seen some pretty bias sites on "Otherkin" as well mind you. The people who don't understand what being "Otherkin" means, in my understanding, aside from Roleplayers are the ones that flat out jump to the conclusion that because their soul "Resonates" with a certain type of being or creature means that they are "Literally" and "Physically" this being/creature. But if they truly were, would they not look more like these beings? And what of their gifts or powers? Wouldn't they be able to possibly do things that others cannot, barring man-made illusions or otherwise. I can't tell you how many individuals I've met who claimed to be Elves and were rather overweight. Not the Lith, fair-skinned, and ethereal-like beings that I have long since associated with Elves since I was 5. Everyone is entitled to their own truth but I do feel this is a subject matter that should be clarified.

The new term I have found to describe myself better and is similar yet much more respectful, in my opinion, is Otherbeings. Though "Kin" still
seems to work well, that term has long since degenerated into what I described earlier. My own personal experience, as to what an Otherkin
truly is, is this: An individual who in (a) previous incarnation (s) (barring the current incarnation) was more than simply just human. This can/could happen over a number of different lifetimes or a few. That does not mean you did NOT have any lifetimes where you were human.
This is what describes my own beliefs on the subject matter quite well. Others who do not believe in this and merely see themselves as only being able to have human lifetimes, is their perspective and that is what they feel they are limited to, just as much as the before mentioned/described is mine, because I cannot say for sure if a soul of a living life-form can only be anything but "Human", but that is not something I believe anyway (if that makes any sense). That is not my place to say. If that is what you believe than fine but please learn some tolerance, respect, & understanding for others and theirs.

It is my own personal belief that as human beings only we can limit our personal experience with the world around us. As such I do not feel the
need to limit my understanding of the world or personal growth, if there is something that could potentially provide me with a great understanding of something new related to my spiritual nature/path then I will dabble and learn as much as I can before I formulate my own
opinion/understanding on the subject matter.

To me there are still many unexplained (especially by science) things that live and thrive within our rather modern world because those of us who believe keep those things alive. So why should I limit myself with something so simple as a different perspective of how to view the Soul,
if of course you believe in such things. I'm sure if people way back when knew any of these terms of or this concept, who knows how many
people it could have potentially helped, who knows how it may have changed our way of thinking, if at all, or how many it may have harmed.
From my own personal experience I can say that discovering this term has indeed aided me a great sum in dealing with past-life emotional
trauma/issues and baggage that may have otherwise gone unresolved until my next incarnation.

I do not agree that everyone should be typecasting everything nowadays as being "Otherkin" or "Otherbeing" unless it truly fits the definition,
which in some cases, if you go by my definition (that isn't exactly wholly mine either), may or may not fit the model. Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children could be potentially Otherkin but they aren't trying to pretend to be beings or creatures of myth and lore. I would consider them more like "Otherbeings" but even then they don't fit my definition but it doesn't mean that they don't exactly fit. The term Otherbeing, when it truly comes down to it, has at least 2 different meanings if you really look at it, the second most likely being, "Anyone that is classified as being something other than human in their soul although they are completely human in their genealogy." Please note I was merely trying to come up with an example on the spot. But as far as I'm concerned neither Starseed/Star-Child, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow fit into "Otherkin" in the least to me. That of course is my opinion and I don't expect everyone to agree with it. I do feel however that these beings would fit the "Otherbeing" mold, so to speak.

But that is my 2 cents for ya. You can take it or leave it. Also as a little extra note, I had seen this topic before and didn't feel the need or urge to reply the 1s time till it came up today yet again during a search for something else actually. Hope it is helpful to someone.

"For many are called, but few are chosen" - Matthew 22:14 ver. New American Standard.
"Though my soul is born from darkness, it shall rise in perfect light, I have loved the stars too fondly, to be fearful of the night". Unknown
"On those nights that I gazed upon the full moon in longing it was always you that my heart was calling." - me
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Otherkin & Otherbeings - What's the Differences, What to Look Out For, etc
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