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 Of Possible Physical Traits of OtherBeings/Otherkin etc?

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Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan
Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan

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Of Possible Physical Traits of OtherBeings/Otherkin etc? Empty
PostSubject: Of Possible Physical Traits of OtherBeings/Otherkin etc?   Of Possible Physical Traits of OtherBeings/Otherkin etc? EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 6:31 pm

It is some individuals beliefs that certain physical, intuitive, or otherwise traits at times come through or show through in our everyday lives as a result of our past-lives (or otherwise since some people feel differently about this than others).

For myself I age quite slowly. I'm 24 and I currently still look not even a day over 13 or so. I know I'm going to be carded until I'm 40 (most likely) so I'm a good sport and never complain about showing my ID. I'm also quite pale/fair skinned and unfortunately I found that I burn easier as I have aged older. I actually look at this as kind of a compliment (about the carding thing). Also I do have a very slight point to the inner curve of my ears and when my head and hair are angled appropriately it looks like my ears are literally pointed. People have often exclaimed how I am very Fae (faerie) or Elf-like (for the record they are NOT one in the same to me considering my 1st/previous/last life's bloodline) in appearance. I prefer people NOT calling me a Faerie since I always feel people associate faeries with "Tinkerbell" or something of that origin as a reference. Calling me "Elf" or "Fae" is fine. I'm peachy with those word choices. Also I was of average height in my previous life and I have retained that quality even in this life which has provided for some very difficult life-long lessons I am still fighting to learn and work into my psyche (sad but true). My eyes also have a tendancy of changing colors depending upon which of my past-lives are closer to the surface (or my mood).

There is also another physical trait that I have that I'm curious to know whether or not anyone else has who considers themselves of the "Otherbeings/Otherkin". Just outside of the natural iris of my eye is a ring of darker and slightly teal discoloration in the whites of my eye. It's about less than half an inch into the white and can be seen better when I look to the side. So far there have been two others besides myself who are Otherbeings/Otherkin who have this quality as well.

Another physical trait that I have that I'm wondering if anyone else has is a trait within a persons Iris. I have either what one could call "Sunburts" or "Stars" in my Iris. I've had at least one person comment about how at a distance my eyes appear to have flecks of "something" in them (they couldn't tell me what color unfortunately though). The same person commented about how my eyes look like an ocean. Is there mayhaps others who have a similar quality to their own eyes by chance? I'd love to know.

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Of Possible Physical Traits of OtherBeings/Otherkin etc?
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