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 What Do You Think Should Be Made a Sticky?

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Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan
Lady Gwendolynn O'Danaan

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What Do You Think Should Be Made a Sticky? Empty
PostSubject: What Do You Think Should Be Made a Sticky?   What Do You Think Should Be Made a Sticky? EmptyTue Apr 22, 2008 6:32 am

Good morrow my kindred spirits,
now I know I have all the authority (plus the mods) on what becomes an announcement vs. a sticky and vice versa. But what I want to ask all of you is for your opinion. On what you ask? I want your feedback/suggestions on what you feel should become a sticky! If you feel something would be really helpful as far as an FAQ guide or something else, then PM or e-mail me or one of the other mods, admins, etc and let us know! You can even post what topics you want to be stickys here. So what are you waiting for go out there and see what there is to see to be made a helpful sticky! Let your opinions be heard!

Note: Not all topics that are suggested to become Stickys will become such. It is up to the Mods and Admins as far as the final decision making goes on what truly is worthy of becoming a sticky.

"For many are called, but few are chosen" - Matthew 22:14 ver. New American Standard.
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What Do You Think Should Be Made a Sticky?
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