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 Personal Movie Review of Avatar - 10/10

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Personal Movie Review of Avatar - 10/10 Empty
PostSubject: Personal Movie Review of Avatar - 10/10   Personal Movie Review of Avatar - 10/10 EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 3:51 pm


I know some people bought tickets for Avatar expecting it to be the Live Action movie of "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Unfortunately for them they soon found that was NOT the case and in a way I almost feel they did that on purpose to screw with the moviegoers. (Phooey on you guys for doing such a mean thing. XP You should be ashamed...not too much though)

Avatar is a WONDERFUL movie. If you've been denying yourself the chance to go see it because you think it's a politcal statement on the military, it a few decades freakin LATE! Not to mention the military folks in the movie are all privately contracted by a "Corporation" or "Company" (meaing outside of the military) like in Aliens (Hey guess what!? Sigourney Weaver is in this and funny how the storyline is rather similar although roles are switched around). The Na'vi remind me of the Native Americans we grew up learning about who resided many many centuries ago before our ancestors came to settle the land (and in some cases even after and they began to learn about them and their culture).

The movie has many great lessons that it teaches us in a beautifully stunning manner that tantalizes our senses in every way possible that a movie can. The company that is there, is to mine an ore that is worth a great deal of money whereas the Scientists are there for study and peaceful negotiations using their "Avatar" program to of course learn about the Na'vi (their ways, culture, etc). However the company causes some major friction between the Scientists, the Na'vi, and the balance of their world.

This movie teaches you about appreciation for a world that you know you are intricately a part of in every manner except the Na'vi can do it in almost a literal sense (watch the movie and you'll see why). And as I said before their ways are VERY similar to many of the Native American tribes of North America.

Not wanting to give away anymore or spoil another detail for you I have to say, THIS IS THE MUST SEE MOVIE OF THE YEAR! PLEASE GO SEE IT! It is fantastic LITERALLY because IT TRULY IS THAT GOOD! And this is coming from someone who typically loathes when people hype something too much. GOOD SEE IT! And if you can go see it in 3D. I hear it's even more gorgeous and worth seeing in 3D!

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Personal Movie Review of Avatar - 10/10
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